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What men need to know about Infertility?

Infertility specialist in Hyderabad is well versed in infertility issues and can treat them well In fact, patients can confidently consult a fertility specialist in Hyderabad.

Several couples do have trouble conceiving. Infertility is a health problem and often it is felt that the female is responsible for it. This is not so. Even the male partner can be infertile and in reality, male factor infertility is certainly found to contribute to approximately half of all infertility cases. There are several causes of male infertility. Infertility specialists in Hyderabad can guide you well.

Healthy sperm is:

  • carried in one’s semen
  • moves efficiently via the semen
  • is high enough in quantity
  • is naturally ejaculated during intercourse

Studies do indicate that as men tend to get older, their sperm quality does decrease, which can indeed make conception more difficult.

External factors that can affect sperm quality do include medications, exposure to chemicals, illnesses, as well as injuries.

Infertility happens to be a health condition in which a couple of individuals is unable to conceive after 12 months of naturally trying hard.

Unfortunately, although male infertility is the factor for not conceiving, yet despite the equal statistics of male infertility, it is not as often publicly discussed as compared to female infertility.

men need to know about Infertility

Whether a male is rather trying to conceive with a female partner, or perhaps a female is trying to conceive with a male partner, trying to conceive alone, or not trying to conceive currently at all, it is important to understand what sort of practices can indeed negatively impact fertility. Fertility specialists in Hyderabad can tackle infertility in men.

So what can you do to maximize one’s fertility as a male, even when not actively trying to conceive?

Take Preventative Measures against STDS

It is important to protect oneself as well as any sort of potential partner from STDs by getting checked up and then treated anytime a person has a new partner.

It is important to make use of protection, such as condoms, with all new partners to further minimize the risk. The consequences of an STD can indeed be significantly more serious, even life-threatening, and can rather lead to issues when trying to conceive.

Limit/Stop Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Use

Smoking, drugs, as well as drinking in excess, are all harmful to one’s overall health. All three have been acknowledged to cause fertility issues in men.

Long-term cocaine use in men can rather lead to lower sperm count, also affecting the mobility of the existing sperm and more instances of abnormally shaped sperm.

Research has indeed also shown that cocaine use does damage the structure of the testicles. This
damage happens to be only visible via a microscope, but damage to this area can lead to irreversible fertility issues.

Be Careful About Toxic Substances

Toxic substances as well as other harmful materials can be rather found at work or in homes, such as synthetic chemicals, metals, fertilizer, bug spray, as well as feces, all can hurt the reproductive system.

Exposure to even small amounts during infancy, childhood, or perhaps puberty can cause underlying diseases. It is best to be aware of these substances and prefer to store them in safe locations, away from daily activities as well as areas.

Maintain a Healthy Weight and Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is rather essential for both men as well as women when it comes to fertility health. BMI has been directly linked to infertility in both genders and also even a small shift in weight can impact a person’s fertility journey.

High BMI is linked to rather high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS in women, and also low sperm count in men.

Implementing a healthy lifestyle balance between diet, fitness, as well as a mental state is important no matter what one’s age is. Starting healthy habits young and also keeping them can benefit one’s natural fertility later in one’s life


Infertility specialist in Hyderabad is well versed in male infertility health issues and can be consulted upon.


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