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What is Secondary Infertility and why does it happen?

Hyderabad fertility center can be visited to treat secondary infertility and there need not be apprehensions about doubts arising such as whether is Hyderabad fertility center dependable.

Secondary infertility indicates the inability to be pregnant or even to carry a baby to term after previously giving birth to a baby. Secondary infertility has similar causes to primary infertility. Secondary infertility can be due to: Impaired sperm production, function, or perhaps delivery in men.

Secondary infertility means difficulty in getting pregnant after previously having been rather pregnant. It is not uncommon, but little is in fact known about it and it is also rarely discussed. In fact, several couples do not even realize it can be a problem. Usually, couples feel assured that since they had a child it should not be difficult to have another child.

Is fertility center in Hyderabad worth visiting for taking care of secondary infertility? Certainly, it is so.

Few doctors feel that women can also experience secondary infertility after suffering a miscarriage. In other words, a woman does not necessarily deliver a baby in order to struggle with this type of infertility. This can occur after achieving pregnancy, even if that pregnancy does end in a loss.

Causes of Secondary Infertility

There are several causes of infertility and in some women; no single cause can be identified at all. Ovarian conditions or ovulation disorders, such as PCOS, do affect a fairly large number of women. Impaired sperm motility, function, or production in men is also a factor to reckon with.

  • Endometriosis as well as other uterine conditions in women.
  • Changing or worsening risk factors for either partner may involve age, weight, or diet.
  • Complications that are related to the previous pregnancy.
  • What is Secondary Infertility


Symptoms of Secondary Infertility

Causes of primary and secondary infertility happen to be largely the same. The symptoms are also in fact practically identical. Yet, secondary infertility symptoms are quite often more difficult to be identified in a few people who have had a baby. This is so as the couples feel that having had a baby; everything is fine to have a second child.

Another factor thus making it rather difficult to identify the symptoms is that many of these infertility traits in general, do mimic the signs of early pregnancy. Keeping the eyes open for these hormonal changes as well as conditions, which may indicate infertility, is the reason.

  • Sudden, noticeable weight gain or perhaps loss
  • Irregular periods, indicating that they are extremely heavy, painful, almost completely absent, or even near-constant spotting via the cycle
  • Pelvic pain and/or pain with one’s sexual intercourse
  • Hair or even skin changes, such as hair falling out in chunks or perhaps growing in unusual places, and also having acne breakouts

Hyderabad fertility center can provide all the required information that couples need to know. Doctors and other specialists will take good care of the patient.

When do couples need to contact the doctor?

Symptoms that couples suspect can be rather linked to secondary infertility, and thus contacting the doctor is advisable. Generally, it is felt that scheduling an appointment if a person is under 35 if has been actively trying to conceive for about a year without any sort of success needs to be done.

Doctors usually come to know more about the pregnancy journey at the initial consultation. Infertility, be it primary or secondary, is rather frustrating as well as stressful.

Looking from this perspective it is often felt is Hyderabad fertility center well equipped to tackle secondary infertility. Patients can be confident to visit it for proper and adequate treatment.