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What is IMSI who can benefit from it? Why go for IMSI Treatment?

IMSI (Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection) is a fertility technique that is made use of with IVF to check male infertility. It involves high-quality sperms that are injected into one’s egg for fertilization. It is an advanced version of ICSI.

What is IMSI?

IMSI happens to be a modification of the standard ICSI procedure. IMSI involves a method that is made use of during IVF in which an assessment, as well as the selection of sperms, is rather done through the use of high magnification digital imaging microscope in order to inject them into the egg.

Why is IMSI preferred over ICSI?

The view held is that IMSI may be able to improve pregnancy rates in certain patients. The main reason why IMSI is preferred over ICSI is:

1. IMSI uses a higher magnification microscope to be able to assess sperm morphology.

2. At a rather higher power level, the embryologist can also identify tiny defects in given sperm head that would not otherwise be rather visible with standard ICSI.

3. The selection of those sperms may also improve results for couples with embryo implantation failures, severe teratozoospermia (abnormal sperm shape) or even high levels of DNA fragmentation.
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IMSI is accepted as a selection tool that does aids embryologists in the selection of the best sperm for ICSI. IMSI will indeed not be a suitable technique in case the sperm count or motility that already does limit the number of sperm that is rather available for ICSI.

When to perform IMSI?

One requires the approval of the physician in order to get an IMSI done. What is the criterion?

1- Two failed IVF with ICSI Cycles.
2- Over 90% of abnormal forms in sperm.
3- IMSI is not possible if the male has sufficient motile sperm for the required selection.
4- Males who show high sperm DNA fragmentation

What is the procedure of IMSI?

1- Fertility medications are rather provided to the woman in order to stimulate the respective ovaries to develop multiple mature follicles.

2- The woman is also given an hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injection rather prior to 36 hours of egg collection. hCG hormone does induce ovulation and the eggs do become ready in order to be released.

3- The woman is also given local anesthesia before actually performing egg extraction process.

4- Gynecologist does make use of a needle in order to extract mature eggs from the respective ovaries.

5- Sperms are then collected and also studied under the high powered microscope which can also magnify the sperm size to 6000 times of its original size.

6- Embryologists are able to identify sperms normality in size cum shape. They also look out for the sperm that has higher motility.

7- Once the higher level quality sperm gets detected, it is then injected into the egg for the fertilization of the egg.

What is the cost of IVF with IMSI treatment?

The cost of IVF with IMSI ranges from INR 2.5 lakhs to INR 3.2 lakhs.


1- IMSI is indeed considered one of the most refined methods of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). It is accepted as an advanced version of ICSI.

2- The time factor involved in the IMSI procedure does act against it most often. IMSI does take longer time than ICSI.

3- IMSI can sometimes reduce the chances of conception also. Normally, during IMSI, it takes a long time to observe and pull out the best sperm from the sample. Until that time, the eggs are already collected and due to a long exposure, there are chances of the eggs getting damaged quite often as they are extra sensitive.

4- IMSI process is no doubt more costly as compared to ICSI.

What are the advantages of IMSI?

IMSI has no doubt gained much attention.

Benefits of IMSI:

1- IMSI does remove the risk of inter-technician variation.
2- IMSI actually delivers fast cum rapid analysis.
3- IMSI allows standardization of the user-selected sperm for ICSI.
4- No manual measurements of sperm are in need of.
5- Saving of videos and snapshots of the sperm assessment as well as selection procedures for quality control cum archiving.
6- In case of repeated unsuccessful IVF cycles, IMSI is a viable option.

Does IMSI really improve IVF success rate?

1. It is medically acknowledged via tests that there is indeed not much difference in the pregnancy rate with ICSI as well as IMSI.

2. IMSI does show a higher pregnancy rate for the couples when they do opt for this technique after failed ICSI cycle rather than again opting for ICSI.

3. It lessens the chances of miscarriage.


IMSI is considered to be an advanced technology which can identify high-quality sperms. It can also stop birth defects as well as pregnancy failures that are related to sperm abnormalities.

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