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Sperm Produced in Cooler Months are More Healthy

Spring may fancy one, but sperm produced in cooler months is healthier, like for example winter times one can expect upgrade sperms. This has been well established by several studies that have conducted on the production of sperm.

Researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, Negev have indeed found that sperm concentration, as well as the percentage of fast motility i.e. the ability to move spontaneously as well as independently, does decrease rather significantly from spring into summer as well as fall, rebounding thus in the winter.

Human sperm is seen in rather a microscopic image.

The physical structure of the sperm cells is indeed healthy in the winter months.

This study was also aimed in order to explore the possibility that the changing weather is somehow related to the quality of sperm.

Is Warm Weather Bad for Sperm?

It is also possible that temperature could indeed play a role in sperm health, just as changes in light have been found to cause sperm variation in several animals.

It does make sense that one might see seasonal differences in sperm production because one knows that when the testicles do get too hot they do work less efficiently. This has been revealed in a study on male reproduction. The actual reasons for reduced male fertility are supposed to be still a mystery. Probing is on to find out the various factors even in the male population.

Fall Baby Booms Explained

The phenomenon of high fall birth rates could indeed be tied to seasonal changes in sperm quality. Further investigations have revealed that birth rates were highest in the fall, which does reflect increased conception rates in the previous winter.

It is a bit difficult between the increases in sperm quality.

Research has indeed found that men do have higher sperm counts and greater sperm health during winter than in summer. The reason for this is much cooler temperatures.

Via the continued research of temperatures and their effect on sperm quality, a definite link has indeed been found among sperm health, male fertility and weather. Interfering with testicular cooling can indeed be an effective form of male contraception.

Biology’s Influence on Sperm Health

Sperm production does require the temperature in the testes to be between three and four degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the 98.5 degrees the body’s core does maintain.

The anatomical structure of men has indeed developed to allow for the testes to maintain at lower temperatures by their placement in the scrotum, outside of the body’s core. Researchers do explain that the scrota have developed outside the body that is due to the need for lower temperatures since the normal temperature of the body is indeed too high for the production of healthy sperm.

Viable sperm is crucial for male reproductive health. The research suggested that the resistance of the cells to the elevated temperatures and the process of regulating body’s temperature are indeed deleterious to the production of healthy quality and also the quantity of sperm. It is nature has the testes of most mammals suspended outside the body cavity in a scrotum. The tunica dartos and the cremaster muscle also do seem to have evolved to aid in keeping the testes cooler than the core body temperature.

No doubt, the summer heat can have a negative impact on men’s ability to produce a large amount of healthy sperm. On the other hand, spring, fall as well as winter are more conducive to the production of greater amounts of viable sperm.

Sperm Killers are Everywhere

Experts on reproduction are of the view that those men with hopes of starting a family should not take hot baths. Spending more than half an hour in water of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or above can indeed lead to a lower sperm count. Similarly, researchers also are of the view that steamy baths and saunas can also have a similar effect. For improved reproductive health, men are indeed encouraged to make a point of keeping the scrotum area cool due to high scrotal temperatures that may indeed impair sperm production. This implies men need to be wary of hot work environments, prolonged sitting, tight underwear, and practices such as placing laptop computers on one’s laps.

In order for sperm to be produced the testes have to be cooler than the body’s core temperature.

Cool Weather is Crucial

Cooler temperature is required for the creation of sperm and sperm storage.

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