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Sperm DNA Fragmentation – Factors, Causes, Significance, Tests, and Treatment

Sperm Fragmentation tests are conducted by best infertility doctors in Hyderabad and can also avail of these services in best infertility hospital in Hyderabad.

Sperm DNA Fragmentations – Factors, Causes, Significance, Tests, and Treatments :

In order to ensure successful fertilization and normal embryo development, the accuracy of genetic material in the sperms is important. DNA fragmentation describes irregular sperm genetic material, which can possibly result in male sub-fertility, IVF failure, and miscarriage. Best infertility doctors in Hyderabad are well aware of sperm DNA fragmentation procedures.

What is DNA fragmentation in sperm?

Fragmentation of Sperm DNA can indeed occur spontaneously or by laboratory personnel un-intentionally. Spontaneous DNA fragmentation tends to accumulate gradually in a cell. Fragmentation of DNA is more common among men with defective sperm quality.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation - Factors, Causes, Significance, Tests, and Treatment

It helps predict results for IVF and ICSI. DNA fragmentation index is important in determining the success rate of IVF.

One can visit the best infertility hospital in Hyderabad to know more about DNA fragmentation in sperm. 

Does sperm DNA fragmentation lead to birth defects ?

In case of a sperm having a damaged DNA is made use of for IVF, it can lead to lower pregnancy success rates, increased rates of miscarriage in early pregnancy, chromosomal abnormalities in embryos, as well as genetic or birth defects in the baby conceived via fragmented sperms.

Various studies have shown that – 

  • High sperm DNA fragmentation does affect the creation of blastocyst
  • The higher levels of DNA fragmentation, lower chances of failed model treatment as well as miscarriage
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation is higher in sub-fertile men with irregular sperm parameters
  • The high sperm DNA fragmentation is found in men with normal sperm count.

Types of DNA Fragmentation Test : 

There are popular ones such as:

SpermComet Test : 

A SpermComet Test is performed by a specialist in order to check the quality of a man’s sperm and DNA. The idea is to detect DNA damage to the sperm and also shows how much damage that sperm has to DNA. Best infertility doctors in Hyderabad do conduct this test.

SCSA (Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay) :

SCSA stands for assaying the structure of sperm chromatin which is a new diagnostic tool that can identify sperm samples with a high degree of DNA fragmentation.

Importance of DNA sperm fragmentation test :

The fragmentation test helps to assess the fragmentation percentage of the sperm.

Advantages of Sperm Fragmentation Test :

  • Provides a comprehensive study of sperm DNA integrity that does help identify men at risk of sub-fertility
  • Provides information that does help in male fertility clinical diagnosis, treatment, and management.
  • It does provide prognostic quality in determining the outcome of fertility treatment like IVF or IUI.

Factors that cause damage to the DNA of the sperm :

There are many factors that damage sperm DNA –

  •  Age – Age is an important factor as damage to DNA can be increased with the age of the men. Men in their 50   -60s are more likely to have fragmented sperm as compared in their 20-30s.
  •  When men have a chronic infection in the prostate
  •  Exposure to toxic agents and chemicals
  •  Chemotherapy
  •  Radiation
  •  Excessive heat

Causes of Sperm DNA Fragmentations : 

  •  Infection and Pyrexia
  •  Abortive Apoptosis
  •  Occupational and Environmental Pollutants
  •  Advanced Age
  •  Recreational drugs
  •  Lapse of time from ejaculation
  •  Intrinsic causes like recombination deficiencies during spermatogenesis
  •  Increase in testicular temperature
  •  Variations in the expression of sperm protein
  •  Smoking
  •  Alcohol
  •  Diet
  •  Stress  

People who can benefit from the Sperm Fragmentation Test : 

  •  Varicocele
  •  Unexplained infertility
  •  Failed ICSI/IVF treatments
  •  Advanced age in male
  •  Poor blastocyst development
  •  Multiple miscarriages
  •  Arrested embryo development
  •  Bad semen parameters


It is, therefore, better to understand the significance of the sperm DNA fragmentation test prior to proceeding with any of the infertility treatments. Best infertility doctors in Hyderabad do the needful as far as DNA fragmentation tests are concerned.

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