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Know more about pregnancy in 30’s

Women these days prefer late pregnancy as they are keen to pursue their careers. Top fertility centers in Hyderabad provide all the required information.

For many women, the 30’s are a convenient time to have a baby particularly so if they happen to be a career or working women. These modern women are delaying childhood and want to enjoy marital bliss. They would like to secure themselves in their career as well as in their relationship, in order to ensure a firm foundation for a growing family. Women desire to have some adventures together with their partner prior to embarking on parenthood. Top 10 fertility clinics in Hyderabad can handle delayed pregnancies.

Late pregnancy risks

Of course, it is not so easy to get pregnant in the late 30’s . in fact, the more the woman delays parenthood the more complex the pregnancy. As the decade progresses, fertility does decrease significantly for most women. Women need to apply caution in the form of actually being prepared for the risk of miscarriage if they do decide to become pregnant in the late 30’s or even early 30’s. If they decide to have a child in the early 30’s then the second child should be planned as early as possible and not delay it into the late 30’s. Women can visit top fertility centers in Hyderabad to get all the information they need about late pregnancy. 

More about late pregnancy…

Pregnancy at any age has advantages as well as disadvantages. Fertility specialists have expressed their views about the late 30’s pregnancy. Yet women do feel the early 30’s is the time for parenthood. Their career is launched and they still look and feel great and also have the energy to bring up the child. It is possible to have fun in marriage in the 20’s rather than being bogged down with children.

There are financial considerations also to look into and therefore a delayed pregnancy is ideal. The woman needs to save money. She can continue to work and save money for her parenthood and childcare.

Also, it is advisable to stay in the job market in order to maintain professional skills and contacts so that they can return to it later.

It is better to keep up with the trade publications, attend conferences, and also have an occasional lunch with a former colleague, or take a course at the community college. Such options are good to hold on to in case it will take time to get back to work after pregnancy.


Every study does say that 35 happens to be a milestone for women when it comes to having children. In the early 30’s, the chances of getting pregnant are only slightly lower than in the late 20’s, and the risk of having a miscarriage or a baby with Down syndrome is only slightly higher. But at 35, the decline in fertility begins to accelerate.

Age also matters as far as other genetic problems are concerned. Experts advise that women have cell-free fetal DNA blood testing, amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, or other detailed screenings done starting in the mid-30’s.

 Know more about pregnancy in 30s

Miscarriage rates also increase steadily as women age as well as pregnancy-related complications. And women 35 and older are more likely than younger women to face with an ectopic pregnancy.

Cesarean pregnancies are also higher for women older than 35. Mothers this age tend to have a 43 percent chance of a c-section delivery as compared to a roughly 30 percent chance for mothers in their 20’s. Experts are of the view that these increased cesarean rates are on account of pregnancy problems such as fetal distress or prolonged second-stage labor, which are more common for older mothers.

Of course, the fertility rate varies as well for each woman. Yet those women who want to have children in their 30’s need to be familiar with the risk involved. Top 10 fertility clinics in Hyderabad have all the necessary facilities for delayed pregnancy.

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