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Is IUI is painful?

Patients have different experiences regarding pain during IUI treatment but physicians feel that the pain is not too much and that it is similar to smear test. The pain may be felt when a small speculum is used or when a catheter is put through one’s cervix. The latter also may cause only little pain. So many patients are advised not to worry at all.

IUI is a short term for  intrauterine insemination.  It is a fertility treatment that has been designed to help women conceive for those who have been able to do so via unprotected sex. Prior to the creation as well as refining of the IUI process, doctors would actually perform artificial insemination by placing sperm directly into the vagina.

Assurance given not to worry:

Nurses inform the patient not to worry about pain and that one can relax during the test. One will not feel too much pain. Infection is also treated with care. Yes, sometimes   one may experience some pain but there is no need to worry too much about it. The speculum is spread for about 20 minutes. One can take few painkillers before undergoing the test. The nurses will definitely make you relax.

IUI will not be so painful when compared to IVF or any other test. It is better to clarify one’s doubt and then go in for IUI.

Pregnancy is complete painful period for women. And it would not let go until one year after delivery also. And IUI is better when compared to IVF. So it is better to be prepared psychologically for the test by gathering the required information about the test. It is better to avoid assumptions about the tests which have not been corroborated by the physicians.

Cost of IUI

IUI is indeed not all that painful as perceived by several patients. It is indeed the easy method as compared to IVF. It is low cost when compared to the IVF test. Doctors know better and can answer the queries of patients as well. One must be brave ad not be bogged down by worries before undergoing the test. It is indeed a simple process and one can undergo it comfortably.

The test conducted with the help of latest technology and experts conduct the test which does make one feel very reassured before undergoing the test. Professionalism is not compromised. Some doctors give injections to relieve the pain if it occurs. Obviously, the patient is well taken care of at the hospital or clinic.

Some patients experience cramping after the test is conducted but otherwise many have had painless experience while undergoing the test.

What Does the IUI Process Involve?

The IUI process indeed involves careful timing on the part of doctors as well as the participating couple. A doctor will frequently perform ultrasounds and/or blood testing to determine when a woman may actually be ovulating as this is the time that a woman can get pregnant. When a woman is ovulating, her partner is also expected to donate a sample of his sperm. The sperm are then taken to a laboratory where they are “washed” within an hour of a man’s ejaculation. The washing process does involve the application of chemicals that will separate the “best” sperm that does have the greatest likelihood of fertilization.

Also, not very common, it is possible for a woman to be allergic to proteins in her partner’s sperm. This does cause immense pain and discomfort when one ejaculates. The sperm are then placed into a thin tube called a catheter. This catheter is then inserted into one’s vagina, through the cervix (the passage between the vagina and uterus), and also into the uterus. While this procedure does take a relatively short time, most of the doctors do ask a woman to lie down for 15 to 45 minutes. This does help increase the chances that the sperm will correctly meet with a fertilized egg.

Do doctor say IUI Procedure is painful?

The IUI is not really painful, but causes discomfort. It is like a Pap smear test conducted to find out abnormal cells in woman’s cervix. One experiences cramping or even light bleeding. This can last to about 48 hours only after the woman tends to undergo the IUI procedure. One can experience infection sometimes after the IUI procedure. As the doctor is inserting instruments in one’s vagina, it is possible the patient may suffer from infection. Also infection can be due to fertility drug being taken by the woman. The infection is referred to as hyperovulation syndrome. This may not be on account of the IUI procedure but due to the medications the woman patient has been taking prior to IUI procedure.


It is quite obvious that it is quite safe to undergo IUI procedure. The woman patient has to only bear the discomfort.





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