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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Treatment In India

Are you having any fertility health issues? Not able to conceive? No kids? These questions may be coming up off and on and the way out is to go in for ICSI treatment which is quite reasonable in India. This is advisable for men who are indeed facing infertility issues and want to have kids. This treatment is rather safe.

What is ICSI?

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is accepted as an IVF process in which a single sperm is rather directly injected into one’s mature egg. During the sperm selection, a medium is also made use of which is referred to as Sperm slow. This medium does contain hyaluronan which also combines normal DNA. One has to select sperm that contains hyaluronan which is mature sperms and will also be a good quality of embryos.

Why is ICSI is a good option?

  • damaged or missing vas deferens
  • had a vasectomy
  • low sperm mobility
  • no sperm in your semen
  • low sperm count
  • abnormally shaped sperm
  • tried IVF but having the problem in the fertilization process

The success rate of ICSI

  • 40% chances in women of age 34 and under
  • 31% of women between 35 to 37
  • 21% of women between 38 to 40
  • 11% of women age 41 to 42
  • only 5 % chances in women of age 43 and above

The treatment cost does vary from one hospital to the other. However, one needs to evaluate factors such as cost of the treatment, quality of the treatment and also the reliability of the medical facility before choosing a hospital to get one’s treatment done.

Safe & Best ICSI Treatment India

Are you in a problem that from where you get best ICSI treatment?

The ICSI treatment is specially referred to male infertility. The best treatment is provided for. The cost of ICSI treatment in India does include different sort of the cycles and also finally with the positive results the patient can also easily conceive the child. With rather great success, low ICSI cost is indeed available in India. The ICSI treatment India is no doubt geared to treat the male pointlessness and male unproductiveness.

Why ICSI treatment?

The ICSI treatment India is very beneficial as it makes parenthood workable for men who have a sperm issue. Who requires ICSI? Indeed a patient who in fact has a low sperm count and an amazingly poor motility or a high rate.

Indication of ICSI

ICSI is usually an option when the male partner does suffer from an abnormality low sperm count (severe oligospermia) or even produces few good quality sperms or in fact, has a problem with anti-sperm antibodies in his respective semen. It can also indeed help couples who would rather prefer not to use donor sperm ICSI that can be considered a treatment option where less costly procedures such as Intra Uterine Insemination(IUI) or In Vitro fertilization has indeed failed ICSI which is an option for older women whose eggs have a thicker than the usual normal outer covering and who have also gone through a failed IVF program.

Procedure for ICSI

The procedure is performed under a microscope making use of multiple micromanipulation devices. In fact, the early stage of the ICSI is of the same standard as IVF. The woman takes the required fertility drugs in order to stimulate her ovaries and also with the aim to be able to grow several of the mature follicles. The eggs are collected by the vaginal ultrasound scan into a rather specially designed culture medium.

In case the sperm cannot be actually collected by means of masturbation, then they can surgically be removed from one’s scrotum vial a small incision. This sort of method of sperm retrieval is indeed done when the blockage that exists prevents the sperm from being ejaculated or perhaps even when there is usually a problem with one’s sperm development.

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