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Infertility Treatment, Hyderabad: Causes, Types &Treatment

Infertility treatment in Hyderabad is worth considering to bear a healthy child. It is carried out professionally in an infertility hospital.

Infertility happens to be a condition whereby a woman cannot get pregnant after one year of trying to conceive. Causes of infertility could include endometriosis, uterine fibroids as well as thyroid disease. Men with fertility problems may also have a low sperm count or low testosterone. The risk of infertility does increase as a person tends to age.

Probing the efficacy of infertility treatment in Hyderabad is a good option to get treated well for infertility.

What causes infertility?

Causes of infertility vary:

  • Problems with the female reproductive system.
  • Men have problems with the male reproductive system.
  • Having problems that affect both partners.

Types of infertility

Types of infertility include:

  • Primary: A woman who never was pregnant and is unable to conceive after one year of not making use of birth control.
  • Secondary: Secondary infertility does occur when a woman is not able to get pregnant again after having at least a particular successful pregnancy.


When should to seek help for infertility?

Women under the age of 35 who are not pregnant after one year of trying o need to consult a healthcare provider. If older than 35, seeking medical help is good. A woman’s chances of pregnancy do decrease with age.


The most unique method of infertility treatment happens to be laser assisted hatching. Off late, the IVF consultants are recommending it to couples.

While infertility treatments in India are usually effective and can help a person conceive, there may still be unwanted as well as unintentional side effects of fertility treatments that can result either from the treatment or perhaps from the fertility drugs.

It is important to consult the fertility specialist at the right time. Also deciding upon the course of treatment after careful consideration is essential.

IVF centers in India are in much demand on account of increased awareness of IVF, and cost-effective treatment as well. Prior to deciding on IVF treatment, it is important to consider parameters like Effectiveness (patient satisfaction, success rates, as well as treatment techniques)

How is female infertility treated?

Infertility treatments do include:

  • Medications: Fertility drugs do change hormone levels to stimulate ovulation.
  • Surgery: Surgery can indeed open blocked fallopian tubes and also remove uterine fibroids as well as polyps. Surgical treatment of endometriosis does double a woman’s chances of pregnancy.

How is male infertility treated?

Treatments for male infertility does include:

  • Medications: Medications can indeed raise testosterone or other hormone levels. There are also several drugs for erectile dysfunction.
  • Surgery: Few men require surgery to open blockages in their tubes that store and carry sperm. Varicocele surgery can rather make sperm healthier and can also help in improving the odds of conception.

Infertility Treatment, Hyderabad: Causes, Types &Treatment

What are fertility treatment options for all genders?

Few couples need more help conceiving. To increase pregnancy odds, a woman may need to initially take medications to stimulate ovulation before trying one of these options:

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI): A healthcare provider makes use of a long, thin tube to place sperm directly into the uterus.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF): IVF happens to be a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART). It does involve harvesting the eggs at the end of the stimulation as well as placing sperm and eggs together in a lab dish. The sperm does fertilize the eggs. A provider transfers one of these fertilized eggs (embryo) into the uterus.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI): This procedure is quite similar to IVF. An embryologist (highly specialized lab technician) tends to directly inject a single sperm into each of the harvested eggs and then a provider helps transfer an embryo into the uterus.
  • Third-party ART: Couples can also make use of donor eggs, donor sperm, or even donor embryos. Few couples need a gestational carrier or surrogate. This person does agree to carry and give birth to the baby.

Specialists in infertility hospital have all the required expertise.