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How infertility impacts Sexual Function?

Infertility treatment hospitals in Hyderabad can provide much emotional support to couples faced with infertility issues and sexual problems. Infertility treatment doctors in Hyderabad can treat well.

Infertility is faced by several couples across the world. It is often stigmatized. Simply, no one is talking about it. This stigma also harms sex lives. Infertility treatment hospitals in Hyderabad do focus on this psychological issue faced by several couples.

When women, as well as couples, feel alone, isolated and ashamed, it does affect their relationship as well as their individual sexual desire cum function. Infertility treatment doctors in Hyderabad can help out to sort out such issues that concern couples.

Infertility issues do affect sexual function in different ways, especially when it comes to the desire for sex.

The following causes of sexual problems are simply associated with infertility but are issues of much concern otherwise also:


Stress is a number one libido killer for women. After all, struggle with infertility is not all that easy. The process is very stressful and much so on the relationship. In case there are not able to conceive on account of infertility, the couples feel why to have sex at all. In other words, they develop a negative attitude towards sex. The focus needs to be on having sex for pleasure rather than just having a baby. It is an intimate relationship and although the desire to have a child is there yet, sex for the sake of sake also does matter. This helps get rid of some stress from the given situation and thus keeps the relationship intact.


Depression, as well as anxiety, do have common consequences of infertility. It is possible that depression and anxiety caused due to infertility can affect sex per se as well. People who do suffer from depression and anxiety will face sexual problems. Symptoms often observed with depression include loss of interest in doing things that a person enjoyed, decreased energy, feelings of unworthiness, and also decreased activity level. These feelings can affect sex in the bedroom as well.

Infertility treatment doctors in Hyderabad can help couples to cope up with depression and anxiety caused due to infertility.

How infertility impacts Sexual Function?

The same applies to anxiety. In case the mind is preoccupied with the performance of sex and if sex is simply geared towards having a baby, it impacts one’s level of enjoyment as well as the desire for sex. Several treatment options include therapy and maybe medication. It is important to inform the healthcare provider about the symptoms that are negatively impacting one’s everyday life as well as one’s sexual functioning.

Being open as well as honest to oneself as well as with the partner and healthcare provider does help to cope up with infertility issues.

In case a couple is faced with sexual problems while having to cope p with infertility, then it is better to be aware of the symptoms and treat them individually at their source.

People talk less about their infertility, and naturally sexual issues add to their dismay. Sexual health, as well as satisfaction, are issues of much importance to the list too. Healthy communication with health care providers is important. Couples should not hesitate to talk about their infertility to health care providers. This way required support can be had, both medically as well as emotionally.

Thus, the need to wipe out the stigma of infertility as well as sexual problems has to be felt by affected couples. Infertility treatment hospitals in Hyderabad can be visited avail the best fertility care.