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Does stress cause infertility? Be aware of such measures

Stress is considered to be a reaction of the body produced by tension or perhaps a situation that does cause uneasiness. If this anxiety does last for a longer period, it can indeed cause psychosomatic as well as physical disorders that can rather alter health. The cause of infertility is also attributed to high-stress levels.

Stress being the cause of various diseases of late is also a survival mechanism that has been rather preserved over time. It happens to be the process by which animals as well as humans have survived throughout evolution, thus preparing them to flee or fight a dangerous situation and also save their lives.

Presently, the fast-paced lifestyle of the population has rather placed the stress mechanism in prominence, thus proving to be dangerous to the survival of a person. Infertility hospital in hyderabad caters to the needs of such stress-affected people.

Stress means the disappearance of stimuli that produces anxiety does not disappear, as the body feels constantly in danger, and the alert mechanisms do remain continuously on.

How does stress act on our body?

When there is a situation that does produce anxiety, the whole body is placed on alert and also produces a reaction, both physical as well as hormonal, that does get prepared to react to moments of anxiety. The brain does pick up signals that happen to be perceived as threatening and the most primary part of the brain is rather activated, leaving reasoning aside.

The body does begin to secrete large amounts of hormones such as adrenaline as well as cortisol, which will rather cause the body to react to awaiting danger:

  • Adrenaline: it is of course responsible for administering emergency energy to those parts of one’s body that will indeed need it to flee or fight. Thus, adrenaline does cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase to keep the individual activities as well as alert.
  • Cortisol: is also referred to as the stress hormone, and is secreted only if the fear remains persistent over time. The role of cortisol sort of focuses on maintaining vital signs and also suppressing functions that are not all that necessary for survival. For this, the hormone will rather be cut off from the energy supply to the rest of the organs that do not need it and also divert it to the muscles as well as the brain.

Dealing with stress related to infertility

Relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, and also imagery can help a person transition to a relaxation response state. Such techniques can rather help a person deal with any sort of stress including that related to infertility.

Does stress cause infertility? Be aware of such measures

How does depression affect infertility?

Research has indeed shown that women with a history of depression are twice as much likely to experience infertility. Anxiety can indeed also have a rather negative effect by prolonging the time required to achieve pregnancy. Studies on a few women undergoing In vitro fertilization do show that stress does decrease the pregnancy rate.

How does infertility affect a relationship?

Infertility can also impact one’s relationship with the family as well as friends, does create financial difficulty, affect the relationship between partners, and can also negatively affect the couple’s sexual relationship. In other words, infertility can lead to stress.


Stress and anxiety indeed cause infertility. Men and women having high levels of anxiety do tend to ovulate less and have also poorer semen quality. There is, of course, there is still no scientific evidence that can prove that emotional stress influences fertility.

However, exposure to high levels of anxiety can rather lead to emotional overload. This can make a person feel rather depressed and also unable to undergo assisted reproduction treatment, abandoning the project of having a child. Specialists at infertility hospitals are experts in dealing with such health issues.