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23 Oct

US Fertility Rates Are Collapsing Across the Country, and No One Knows Who to Blame

The focus in 2017 end has been on Americans having more children. This issue has been raised in the context of new data is available with regard to the country’s collapsing fertility rates. Women are now indeed having fewer babies and at older ages as compared to what they decided upon in the past three […]


9 Oct

10 Reasons Why Infertility Is the Actual Worst

Many do struggle with fertility problems and get distressed about it. When is infertility at its worst? 1. Social Media Social media does impact one as many times people do announce the arrival of a baby and it does make one feel bad in case one is unable to conceive. 2. Your period The onset […]


28 Sep

Infertility Stresses Men Too, According to New Research

Stress does affect women who are infertile quite similar to cancer patients, but not much has been focused upon male stress infertility. Even men also undergo stress if the couple is not able to conceive. The problem arises when the men are diagnosed with having an abnormal semen analysis. Men do suffer from moderate levels […]


14 Sep

7 deadliest male fertility killers

Everyday chemicals tend to lower one’s sperm count, scrambling DNA sperm data, or thus causing sperm mobility problems. One is aware that narrow bike seats, as well as antidepressants, can indeed cause problems. 1. Cash register receipts About 40 percent of the receipts are coated with bisphenol-A (BPA), which has rather been linked to fertility […]


31 Aug

5 Ways to getting Body Baby-Ready

If one’s thinking about starting a family, they would like to ensure the best start in life for the baby. One has to ensure that the baby born is healthy. 5 Ways to getting Body Baby-Ready 1. See your GP One needs to go in for a general health check before trying to conceive and […]


18 Aug

Laparoscopic Procedures for Reproductive Surgery

Off late there has been a substantial increase in the percentage of women suffering from some degree of infertility or perhaps having other gynecological problems. In some cases, couples may indeed find that they can conceive naturally after surgery in order to restore normal reproductive function. Some of the conditions requiring surgical intervention do include […]


4 Aug

Sperm Produced in Cooler Months are More Healthy

Spring may fancy one, but sperm produced in cooler months is healthier, like for example winter times one can expect upgrade sperms. This has been well established by several studies that have conducted on the production of sperm. Researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, Negev have indeed found that sperm concentration, as well as the percentage […]


21 Jul

10 advantages of exercising during pregnancy

One would like to remain active even when one is pregnant. Exercise has positive results for the mother and child. Some women experience greater fatigue in the first trimester, and therefore it is better to exercise to maintain energy levels and cause exhaustion in one’s body. 1. Decreased weight gain for the mother and babies […]


7 Jul

How Often Should One Have Sex to Get Pregnant?

Browsing for fertility advice on the Internet, one is informed that one must have sex every other day before ovulation occurs in order to conceive. For many couples, that seems reasonable enough, and they do not give it another thought. Being curious one would like to know more and even the fact that if every […]


19 Jun

Is IUI is painful?

Patients have different experiences regarding pain during IUI treatment but physicians feel that the pain is not too much and that it is similar to smear test. The pain may be felt when a small speculum is used or when a catheter is put through one’s cervix. The latter also may cause only little pain. […]


12 Jun

15 Tips for Preparation for IVF treatment

In vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment is meant to enable childless couples to conceive. All parents love to have a child around and IVF treatment is a way out to have a baby in one’s own home. It is a very effective form of reproductive treatment and many couples have successfully managed to go through the […]


2 Jun

What is a Multiple Pregnancy?

Multiple pregnancies comprise of two or more fetuses such as: • Twins–two fetuses • Triplets–three fetuses • Quadruplets–four fetuses • Quintuplets–five fetuses • Sextuplets–six fetuses • Septuplets–seven fetuses No doubt, multiples account for only a small percentage of all births (about 3 percent), and the multiple birth rate is indeed rising. What causes multiple pregnancies? […]