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9 Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

Male infertility can be the cause of unsuccessful pregnancy and this can be treated at the best infertility hospitals in Hyderabad. Poor semen insertion often leads to pregnancy failure.

Male infertility problems get neglected at times in daily lives as more importance is given to female fertility. If a couple is unable to conceive the problem can be with the male partner as well. Best infertility hospitals in Hyderabad deal well with male fertility issues.

How is male infertility diagnosed?

A detailed medical assessment, patient consultation, and medical records are part and parcel of clinical assessment of men. Then a sperm test is done, where only a sperm sample is examined in the laboratory. The laboratory conducts a sperm count, test the sperm’s health, form, as well as activity, and will help decide the correct course of treatment. Best infertility clinics in Hyderabad deal well with male infertility issues.

 1.  Common Causes for Male Infertility

The exact cause of male infertility is not known in most cases. Male health problems are due to the amount of content of the sperm, although ejaculation complications can also be there.

2.  Quantity of sperm

Semen consisting of less sperm, or no testosterone at all, will indeed affect the fertility of a male if the egg of the female cannot really be fertilized due to lack of sperm. 

3.  Sperm quality

The mobility of sperm and abnormal sperm can affect one’s fertility. Reduced sperm mobility can rather impair the consistency of the sperm as it does cause difficulties for the sperm to enter and fertilize the egg.

 9 Most Common Causes of Male Infertility

 4.  Poor motility or morphology of the sperm

Often, a man produces a good amount of sperm, despite there being issues with how the sperm is produced (morphology) or how it moves (motility). Certain issues involve the difficulty for the sperm to enter or penetrate the egg. This happens to be the most common male infertility problem.

5.  Erectile dysfunction

It is possible that the sperm may be healthy enough to conceive, but leading to pregnancy may not be possible if sexual intercourse is not regular. Erectile dysfunction, implying failing to get on and sustain an erection, is certainly a serious and at times reversible male problem. 

6.  Testicular the damage

Testicles store sperm as well as protect the fragile cells. By affecting the number and quality of sperm, disruption to one’s testicles can affect fertility. Sperm excessive heat is also not good. It is necessary to keep the testicles cool in order to maintain a good sperm temperature.

Premature ejaculation (whereby ejaculation happens too early), retrograde ejaculation (whereby semen is masturbated into the bladder) as well as the inability to ejaculate are considered to be ejaculatory disorders.

It is possible to get oneself treated for male infertility at the best infertility hospitals in Hyderabad.

7.  Lifestyle

In order to improve sperm production, it is necessary to maintain a lifestyle. Excessive alcohol, illicit recreational substances such as narcotics and marijuana, testosterone, an unbalanced lifestyle, obesity, and unprotected sex do lead to sexually transmitted diseases and sicknesses that obstruct the transmission of sperm.

8.  Sperm transport disorders

The sperms do not reach the woman’s body on account of an obstruction of the vas deferens. This condition is analogous to the obstruction of the female fallopian tubes.

9.  Disturbance of oocyte maturation

Hormonal dysfunctions can contribute to oocyte maturation disruption, azoospermia, and luteal phase malfunction. Elevated levels of male hormones (androgens) in combination with ovarian cysts can induce infertility. Underweight or obesity, rapid weight gain or weight loss, severe physical load, thyroid function abnormalities, tumors (rarely), prescription, and stress are other factors that affect negatively hormonal equilibrium.

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