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7 Ways of Coping with the Stress of Infertility

Infertility does happen to be a medical condition that can indeed touch every aspect of one’s life — from the way one feels about oneself, to one’s relationship with one’s partner, to one’s overall perspective on living.

It can also indeed be stressful in that it does create a great deal of uncertainty as well as emotional upheaval in a couple’s day-to-day world. If one has been struggling with infertility, one will not be a stranger to stress. One has to try ways in order to reduce one’s anxiety levels. There are indeed ways to reduce one’s anxiety

  • Acknowledging one’s feelings: The first step is trying to reduce stress in order to be able to understand that what one is feeling is completely normal. Going through infertility tests as well as procedures month after month can indeed be emotional physically, and financially draining
  • Sharing questions and fears: As one deals with infertility, it does help to have people around to be able to answer one’s questions, be sensitive to one’s feelings, as well as understand one’s fears and concerns. One can speak to a counselor about fertility issues. One can join an infertility support group in one’s area.
  •  Allow one to cry and be angry: One must not repress one’s feelings of anger, guilt, or sorrow. If one is angry one can punch a pillow or hit a punching bag. One can plan a time each day when one can spend 30 to 40 minutes focusing on one’s feelings about infertility, and allow the feelings to come up.
  • Allow one to grieve: Although one is hoping for a successful pregnancy, one’s unconscious mind has indeed already begun grieving for the biological child one has not had yet. As unresolved grief can indeed be a major source of anxiety, one will have to go through a period of mourning in order to be able to feel better again.
  • Keep a journal. A journal can indeed be a comforting friend who never gets angry or upset, or busy to listen. It is available even at late hours.
  • Stay connected to family as well as friends: One can reduce stress levels by associating with family and friends and making it up if required. One can go in for their love and support. In case one’s friends and relatives are rather uninformed about infertility, then one needs to educate them about what one s going through.
  • Communicate with one’s partner: Infertility can impact one’s marriage relations and one can have strained relations with one’s partner. It can lead to unspoken resentment, feelings of inadequacy, sexual pressure, and tension between couples. Each of the couple affected may react differently to the crisis, with men rather acting more emotionally distant and women being more openly distraught. Se one feels that there is a rift developing between the partners, it is better to seek professional guidance. Attempts can be made to reduce the misunderstandings and ill-will feelings.


It is but obvious that infertility is indeed a major issue to reckon with and couples need to sort out their differences on the matter if they are facing such health issues.

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