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7 Myths and Facts about Male Infertility

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Men’s infertility is indeed a burning issue and it does affect the psychological makeup of several men. There are many myths about it, but it is important to know the facts. It is worth visiting male infertility clinics in Hyderabad to get all the facts about infertility among men.

1.Myth: “This is ‘her’ problem—I don’t need to be an active participant.”

Not true: Having a baby, either the natural way or via other methods happens to be the most intimate, and enthralling experiences a couple can go through.

It is a myth to believe that if the couple is unable to bear a child then it is the problem of the woman.

Male infertility centers in Hyderabad do expertly deal with male infertility.

2.Myth: “I don’t need to get checked—my boys are just fine.”

It is understood that infertility problems also could be a malefactor. Men also need to get themselves checked up in case the woman is unable to conceive.

3.Myth: “I’m less of a man because I can’t get my wife pregnant.”

The feeling of inadequacy felt by men should not be so, as there could be several reasons for a woman not getting pregnant. This is just a myth of perspective, not getting one’s wife pregnant yet, in the manner that the man hoped for. The most virile man with a multi-million sperm count may not necessarily have a better chance of conceiving in case there are complex fertility hurdles to overcome.

4.Myth: “Something must be wrong with our marriage if my wife wants a baby so bad.”

This belief is not true as several women, having a baby happens to be a biological need such as breathing. Once a woman has found her soul-mate, the natural feeling next is having a baby. It is no question of something lacking in the marriage. 

Men do not realize that the ability to satisfy the need to have a child begins with a marriage whereby the baby is the ultimate consummation of that love of being together.

5.Myth: “I don’t need to talk to anyone about this. It’s private.”

 This is also not true as it is better to talk to a counselor to sort out issues and also consult a fertility expert.

 It is good to be part of support groups or even therapy with a psychologist who does specialize in infertility issues.

6.Myth: “I can’t let her see how upset I am that this cycle didn’t work.”

This is also not true as men can feel upset in case their wife is unable to conceive or she is feeling bad about not being able to conceive.

Just like shedding tears when a relative or friend of your wife dies, the loss of the potential of a cycle is something that can be shared with an open show of emotion. While a medical professional may try to soften the blow by saying “it was just a clump of cells” and relatives and friends will try to comfort you with “it just wasn’t meant to be,” it is perfectly normal to view this as the loss of the promise of a child.

7 Myths and Facts about Men's Infertility

7.Myth: “Infertility is because of relationship or psychological issue, not physical ones”

Not able to conceive a baby is indeed a frustrating as well as disappointing issue. But that does not imply that the physical issue is not there as it can be a health problem of that nature.

It is advisable to consult the counselor and health care professionals experienced in this area to ensure proper guidance.


Couples do go through emotional trauma is they are unable to have a child and have certain improper views about not conceiving. Myth is there and it is necessary to ascertain facts about being childless. Male infertility clinics in Hyderabad can provide all the required information.