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7 Incredible Misri Benefits in Pregnancy

Misri Benefits make the item indispensable and it is worth having it. Misri’s benefits in pregnancy are also to be considered seriously as they prove very beneficial.

Misri’s benefits are remarkable and countless. Sweet rock sugar can do wonders for your health. So stick around as we describe in detail all the amazing benefits of misri for one’s health! Misri is popular for misri benefits in pregnancy.

What is Misri?

Misri or rock sugar has been stated to be unrefined sugar made from sugar cane juice as well as sap. The confectionery mineral is rather popular in India as well as Pakistan as a natural sweetener and also an energy booster. 

Several people do resort to enjoying mishri and also fennel seeds or sauna after a meal. It can indeed freshen one’s breath as well.

A person can snack on misri after one’s meals or anytime a person likes. It has indeed fascinating benefits on one’s health as well.

7 Incredible Misri Benefits in Pregnancy

7 Incredible Misri Benefits in Pregnancy

Misri in English

Misri is referred to as “rock sugar” in English. It is also known as “rock candy.” Mishri, written as مصری in Urdu, happens to be a confectionery mineral that is made from sugar cane as well as palm tree sap.

Misri Benefits

Following are a few of the amazing misri benefits for one’s health:

1. Energy Booster

One of the incredible benefits of mishri is that it is indeed an excellent source of energy. It is a simple carbohydrate, which the body can quickly break down into glucose.

Thus it does serve as a great energy booster if a person feels down or exhausted. So the next time a person feels lazy, he or she can try eating a little misri and see firsthand how it does improve one’s energy levels.

2. Freshens one’s breath

Misri is indeed ideally taken after a meal. This is so as it can act as a terrific mouth freshener. People who do face the problem of bad breath need to take mishri along with fennel seeds to freshen their mouth.

It can also eliminate the sour or bad taste in one’s mouth, leaving the person feeling refreshed.

3. Helps in digestion

Rock sugar can rather quickly metabolize in one’s body after it is eaten. Therefore it does serve as a great way to kick-start the digestion process right after the person has had a bite to eat.

Those who have a sweet tooth and need to watch their sugar levels can safely enjoy misri after eating. It can rather keep one’s stomach healthy by promoting the digestion of food.

4. Natural remedy for sore throat

Misri has indeed superb properties that do go beyond just freshening up one’s breath. It is known to relieve conditions like the common cold, sore throat, and also cough.

5. Not too sweet

Misri is rather a diluted form of sugar with a mild sweetness level. It is also in fact lesser in calories as compared to refined sugar. So if a person is watching one’s dietary intake substituting refined sugar for misri could indeed be an option. Yet, it is better to consult one’s nutritionist for the best guidance.

6. Improves vision

It is also understood that consuming misri is rather beneficial for the eyes. If facing problems like poor vision, cataracts, etc., then it is a good idea to add misri to one’s diet. The best way to eat it is rather to mix it with milk to form a nutritious drink that has the power to boost one’s vision.

7. Increases hemoglobin levels

It is indeed essential to maintain normal hemoglobin levels to stay healthy as well as fit. If hemoglobin levels tend to fall below the normal mark, it could cause numerous health problems such as anemia, weakness, dizziness, as well as headache. Misri does help boost hemoglobin levels in one’s body and also improves circulation to avoid these health issues.


Misri benefits are no doubt manifold.