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6 Ways to Prevent Male Infertility and its Causes

Infertility is a major health concern and requires proper medical attention. It is advisable to know is causes and treatments. It is better to visit an infertility clinic.
A variety of disorders ranging from hormonal disturbances to physical problems, to psychological problems can cause male infertility. There are treatment options are there but in many cases, they do not work. In several instances, male infertility is caused by testicular damage resulting in an inability of the testicle to produce sperm. It is better to visit the best fertility clinic in Hyderabad.
Infertility can be worrisome.

The Causes of Male Infertility

Male infertility has several causes–from hormonal imbalances to physical problems, to psychological and/or behavioral problems. Moreover, fertility does reflect a man’s “overall” health. Men who do live a healthy lifestyle are more likely to produce healthy sperm.

What does negatively impact male fertility?

• Smoking–significantly decreases both sperm count as well as sperm cell motility.
• Prolonged use of marijuana along with other recreational drugs.
• Chronic alcohol abuse.
• Anabolic steroid use–causes testicular shrinkage and infertility.
• Overly intense exercise–produces high levels of adrenal steroid hormones which cause a
testosterone deficiency resulting in infertility.
• Inadequate vitamin C and Zinc in the diet.
• Tight underwear–increases the scrotal temperature which does result in decreased sperm production.
• Exposure to environmental hazards and toxins such as pesticides, lead, paint, radiation, radioactive
substances, mercury, benzene, boron, and heavy metals
• Malnutrition and anemia.
• Excessive stress!
Modifying these behaviors can improve a man’s fertility and should be considered when a couple is trying to achieve pregnancy. The best fertility clinic in Hyderabad is well equipped to deal with infertility.

6 Ways to Prevent Male Infertility and its Causes

How to Prevent it?

1. Learn to relax

Both the partners should be supportive of each other and have a listening ear for each other’s worries as well as fears. It is advised that both can sit together and decide the further course of infertility treatment. The best fertility clinic in Hyderabad can provide adequate advice on how to cope up with infertility.

2. Plan one’s treatment immediately

The right treatment needs to be followed. It is important to find ways to end the infertility problem.

3. Pen down the feelings

Writing about the problems does make it easy for a person to lower down the mental pain to a certain extent. So, in case of being infertile and unable to speak about it to anybody, writing down one’s feelings is important.

4. Let one’s pain come out

Nowadays, plenty of men are prepared to cry. They believe in opening up and genuine sorrow release. This will help lessen the burden and stress and typically, after crying, our breathing and heart rate decrease, and we enter into a calmer biological as well as emotional state.

5. Open up-talk about it

Most men do not like to talk about their problems. Although this often holds true, it is not the case for everyone. It is known that a problem shared is a problem halved solved. It is better to keep the communication channels open. There is no need to broadcast it far and wide but speak with someone e.g. a doctor, or friend, a counselor, a support group and one’s wife. It will ease one’s burden and they might suggest the best ways to add a new hope to one’s life.

6. Share-get better ideas

One can opt for options such as adoption, IVF treatment, and donor sperm. Understanding and talking about potential avenues will indeed help one face any setback further down the road.
The best fertility clinic in Hyderabad is very versatile in its approach in dealing and treating infertility.

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