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5 Simple Ways to Detect Fertility

One would like to know if one is fertile. Women do desire to have a child of their own and to be a mother is bliss indeed. Naturally, they would be rather curious to know if they can conceive. How can they do so?

Sign 1: One has a heightened sense of smell

Is one’s partner’s post-workout body odor bothering one more than usual? It may not be due to his fault. It has been revealed in a recent study revealed that a woman’s sense of smell does become more sensitive in the latter half of one’s normal menstruation cycle, as one nears ovulation. Women during this fertile phase are indeed more likely to be attracted to male pheromone androstenone, which does contribute to that strong BO smell.

Sign 2: One’s cervical mucus does change consistency

When one is not ovulating, one’s discharge can indeed appear sticky, cloudy or even go rather undetected. But as one nears ovulation, one’s body does produce more estrogen, thus causing one’s cervical mucus to become rather stretchy as well as clear, such as egg whites. One must keep an eye on one’s discharge. One will have to touch it as well as examine it. When one feels that change in consistency, it is a good indicator that one is at peak fertility. One’s cervix changes too and will also become higher, softer and more open during ovulation. While one can check one’s cervix along with one’s mucus, it is a bit harder and definitely does take some practice to feel the difference.

Sign 3: One feeling as well as looking extra sexy

One looks quite smart when one is ovulating, like, for instance, one’s lips may appear fuller on account of increased estrogen. One’s pupils get dilated and one skin also feels softer. These subtle and no doubt sexy symptoms do put one in having a child and gets drawn towards one’s partner. Both men and women get attracted to each other and a woman’s voice does undergo change.

Sign 4: Your saliva changes

When one is about to ovulate, a ferning pattern similar to frost on a windowpane does appear in one’s saliva. That is an indication that one’s body has had a surge of luteinizing hormones, which do occur right before ovulation. Spotting this pattern does require a fertility microscope.

Sign 5: One’s breasts are more sensitive

During ovulation, one’s breasts feel heavy or achy. The breasts and nipples do become tender on account of a rush of hormones thus entering one’s body right before as well as one ovulates.

It is interesting to know when one is ovulating and also when one is fertile. A woman always has a strong desire to bear a child and naturally she would like to know whether she can or not.

There are ample indications and one can detect when one is fertile to bear a child. Physically and emotionally one reacts to one’s partner.

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