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5 Reasons Why Infertility Is Common in India

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Infertility means the inability to become pregnant on account of certain medical issues in a male or a female. There is an increase in infertility complications in India on account of various reasons. Infertility is not merely a female problem which happens to be a popular orthodox belief. Male infertility is also a health issue. The factors responsible for infertility can be divided into clinical and lifestyle patterns that do not complement a healthful reproductive system.

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Advancing age

Urban India has undergone much change in family traditions due to shifting priorities, particularly, women pursuing a career. Age does have an important bearing on fertility, and those couples planning to conceive at a later age can experience problems as usually fertility starts declining after the age of 35 in women and 50 in men. As far as women are concerned, the quality of the egg does start decreasing and whether a may or may not have reached menopause, her getting pregnant becomes difficult with increased age. Also, males’ sperm quality does decline thus leading to various complications.

Environment and pollution

Air contamination also affects negatively the sperm quality in males and egg quality in females. Inhaling impure air does impact one’s well-being and causes aggravation in one’s multiple organs.


In India are stress and unhealthy coping mechanisms does lead to infertility. Women now have career-centric lifestyles, long working hours, and less attention being paid to personal well-being means chronic stress can affect the ovulation process in women. Stress can also affect sperm production and testosterone levels in men. Apart from the direct influence, stress impacts the fertility of individuals through its consequent unhealthy coping mechanisms such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Smoking affects the fertility of both men and women and cause damage to reproductive organs; it also affects the production of sperm count and reduces the eggs and ages the ovaries of women who smoke; Regular and heavy alcohol consumption does lead to hormonal imbalance in women and also damages the quality of sperm in men.

Consumption of processed foods as well as unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle causing obesity are linked to the risk of infertility.

Being overweight or underweight can also negatively affect fertility in both males as well as females. Clinical factors such as sexual dysfunction, hormonal disorder, varicocele, infections, etc. do negatively impact fertility. Untreated infections can also irritate the reproductive area, leading to infertility. As far as women are concerned, poor egg reserve and quality, pelvic infections damaged fallopian tubes, the issue of endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and so forth cause infertility.

The rising incidence of these problems in both males and females is of much concern about infertility in India.


Smoking is a major factor cause of infertility. Women who smoke do not conceive. So well as compared to non-smokers and they are also at the risk of miscarriage. Smoking can reduce sperm quality in men. Obesity, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, are also linked to increased risk of infertility in both females as well as males. Women with lifestyle issues such as obesity and diabetes are more prone to infertility. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), damage to fallopian tubes, premature ovarian failure, fibroids, too much use of emergency contraception, surgical abortions, etc lead to infertility in women.

5 Reasons Why Infertility Is Common in India

Medical Issues

Inadequate healthcare facilities, unsafe abortions as well as untreated infections of the reproductive organs do result in infertility in developing countries.

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