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5 Importance of Semen Analysis in Male Infertility Treatment

Male Infertility treatment in Hyderabad is true of superb quality and infertile men can get themselves examined. They can approach infertility centers to clarify their doubts.

Couples do try hard to have babies but unfortunately, they are at times unable to do so. Several couples in India struggle with infertility. Male infertility does play at least a partial role in such issues. Much focus is given to male infertility treatment in Hyderabad and semen analysis in male infertility treatment along with various other tests and treatments is given due consideration. 

What is Semen Analysis?

In simpler terms, it can be said that semen analysis happens to be a sperm count test wherein semen is considered to be the fluid containing sperm, other sugar, as well as protein substances that get released during ejaculation, and its analysis, does help to measure factors of sperm health such as the number, shape as well as movement of the sperm.

Semen analysis not only helps to determine male infertility but also for vasectomy success. In a vasectomy, the tubes that do send sperm from the testicles are rather cut for birth control. To ensure its success, doctors often recommend a semen analysis only.

5 Importance of Semen Analysis in Male Infertility Treatment

Why Semen Analysis?

 With help of semen analysis, a person can identify as well as evaluate the following : 

  • Volume – Men need to know more about their sperm volume levels. Sperm quality has been acknowledged as being the single most important factor for men who are keen to be fathers. 
  • Total sperm count – A low total sperm count can indeed have much impact on a man’s mental as well as physical health. These issues can be discussed at infertility centers. Lower numbers may rather show that the testicles are not producing sperm the way they need to, thus, indicating Oligozoospermia, a sign of male infertility. If the man is with a lower sperm count, then it is a good idea to try a natural treatment for male infertility.
  • Motility – Sperm motility happens to be one of the most important factors when it comes to sperm quality. Poor sperm motility will rather affect the fertility of a man. Sperm motility does measure the number of moving sperm as well as classifies them based on their movement.
  • pH – When a man happens to be healthy then the sperm he does produce is healthy too. This implies that the sperm can move around and also can penetrate the egg for fertilization. The more healthy sperm, the better of course the chances of fertilization. pH level does signify the acidic content in the sperm. Lower pH levels do signify the highly acidic nature of the sperm. Higher pH levels sort of signify the alkaline nature of the sperm.
  • Fructose level – The seminal vesicles are those glands that are present behind one’s bladder in the male reproductive system. These glands do produce seminal fluid that is rich in fructose with the help of the kidneys, liver, vas deferens as well as prostate gland. Normal semen does contain fructose to provide energy for the sperm. The absence of fructose may rather indicate a problem with the seminal vesicles.


Male fertility potential is of much importance in pregnancy issues and getting tested for it is essential. The best infertility treatment facilities are available at infertility centers. Male infertility treatment in Hyderabad can be relied upon and naturally, men who are keen to have a baby but are faced with infertility issues can avail of such treatment. After all, even the man can be responsible for the woman partner not getting pregnant.