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10 Reasons Why Infertility Is the Actual Worst

Many do struggle with fertility problems and get distressed about it. When is infertility at its worst?

1. Social Media

Social media does impact one as many times people do announce the arrival of a baby and it does make one feel bad in case one is unable to conceive.

2. Your period

The onset of periods every month does indicate that one is not pregnant yet. This can make one feel bad.

3. The uncertainty

Sometimes one is questioned by people as to why one is not conceiving and there may not be a specific reason for it. One may feel uncertain about things at times. There may not be any medical reason why one could not conceive. PCOS could indeed be a factor.

4. The stress

Stress can also affect fertility. It is better to avoid stressful situations. Do you know what’s stressful? Infertility can be stressful.

5. The isolation

Many women feel isolated for not being able to conceive. They need to join a social club and meet those women who are having similar problems.

6. The headspace

There is much emotional distress when one is unable to conceive. One feels extremely bad about it and things get to one’s head as the saying goes.

7. The minutiae

Unable to conceive makes one feel as though one is failing in getting results. Pregnancy announcements are indeed so many that one cannot avoid taking note of them.

8. The exhaustion

One gets mentally and emotionally exhausted in case one is unable to conceive. One feels helpless and hopeless.

9. The finality

The struggle of discovering a child is worth it as one will enjoy the pleasure of parenthood one’s the baby grows up.

10. The next step forward

One must not get bogged down about not being able to conceive. One must hope for the best.

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